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"The music is laid back, richly woven, contemplative, and inviting. The vocals are hushed, gentle, whisperstrong ... this, friends, is what that whole singer/songwriter movement is all about: one man with a vision, a unique voice, solid instrumentation, and words that can—and will—open your eyes

- Laura Hamlett, PlaybackStL


Simple Love

A Single by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz 

Released September 18, 2023

Created 2004

Written by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz
Produced and mixed by Mark O'Bitz
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe
Vocals by Eric Anders
Everything Else by Mark O'Bitz


Mark and I recorded this love song in 2004 in my Pasadena home studio.  It was written with my girlfriend at the time in mind.  She is now my wife and mother of our three kids.  I think it was more aspirational at the time since we had only been dating a short time when I wrote the words.

Over the years, Mark and I tried to improve on this demo in the studio but, for various reasons (some mysterious, some not), we could never get it right--or we couldn't really improve upon the original demo.  So I decided to just release our early demo, warts and all.

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