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"This kind of studied, literate songwriting is a gift given to the listener—one that surprises, challenges, questions and gratifies you every time you hear it, Anders is as engaging a singer and musician as he is a writer. This is a highly recommended release and one of the most finished, self-possessed and driven DIY releases we've heard in a long, long time."      -Performing Songwriter, March/April issue, 2004.

"With a voice that combines James Taylor's grounded poignancy with Jeff Buckley's complex ethereality, west coast singer/songwriter Eric Anders creates gorgeous, wistful 'SundayMorning' music unlike that of any other contemporary artist."    -Gail Worley, Worley Gig

Not At One

Eric Anders' Debut Album

Released September 13, 2003


Eric's debut album started with Mark O'Bitz and Eric writing songs in the living room of Eric's Pasadena townhouse in 2002.  Eric wrote three songs with Benny Bohm, including the title track, "Not At One," and the rest with Mark O'Bitz.


Produced by Richard Barron and Eric Anders.
Initial production by Benedikt Bohm and Sylvia Ryder.
Initial recordings at Starfish Records.
Final recordings at Sonora Recorders.
Mixed at Sonora Recorders by Jeff Peters, except "Not At One" and "Never Enough" mixed by Richard Barron.
Mastered at Future Disc by Kris Solem.
Engineered by Benedikt Bohm, Sly West, and Richard Barron.
Second engineering by Seth McLain and Dan Hoal.
Photographs by Marlon Bohm and Sylvia Ryder.
Back cover photo by Marlon Bohm.
Design by Coco Shinomiya/MonsterX.


CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers: Not At One is "one of the best CDs I've ever heard."

"I was instantly hooked with Eric Anders' songs, the range, the style, and the pure quality of them was instantly there. ... Anders shares the songwriting credits with either Bohm or O'Bitz ...I was quite impressed with the quality of [Barron's] production as well, one or two of the songs having a kind of Daniel Lanois 'feel' to them.... Simply put, a stunning album." -  DW, Modern Dance UK

"There’s a bounty of mid-tempo poise from song to song, as Anders explores the realms of troubled folks and vexing internal issues. From this pain comes musical pleasure, a soothing balm of genuine, deeply compelling explorations masquerading as pleasant songs. ... There’s nothing about Not at One that gives it away as a debut from an untested rookie in the music biz. Instead, Eric Anders and his fellow musicians arrive on the scene sounding like old friends you’ve known for years." 

     - Gary Glauber, PopMatters

"I was literally spellbound while listening to this CD as LA's Eric Anders' balmy intonations assuage the senses in the finest of poetic and romantic traditions.... The songwriting quality is consistently high throughout this twelve-track album ... and the enchanting instrumentation and empathic production (by Anders and Richard Barron) elevate Not at One from a collection of songs to a state aspiring to artistic Nirvana.  It really is that good" - Phil Jackson, Zeitgeist

"Thoughtful mid-tempo pop featuring super smooth vocals and nice rolling melodies.  Eric Anders' debut album is indeed a very strong effort… featuring melodic highs that would take artists several years to achieve.  The tunes are centered around acoustic guitar and are sometimes reminiscent of some of Donovan's later material (this is particularly true on the title track).  The tunes feature arrangements that are an absolute match for the material.  Anders' pensive, introspective approach to music is refreshing and impressively genuine.  Like most great CDs, Not At One gets better the more you spin it.  Anders is certain to become a quick favorite among fans of soft pop.  His music is honest and, above all, memorable." (Rating: 5/5) -

"Judging by this impressive debut, singer-songwriter Eric Anders deserves a seat at the table reserved for acclaimed contemporary alternative-pop troubadours such as Pete Yorn, Belle & Sebastian, and Badly Drawn Boy."  Folksy, low-key, introspective, and literate, Anders weaves subtle melodies through timeless arrangements fortified by understated orchestral textures, simple vocal harmonies, and clever counterpoint ... Anders succeeds on pure lyrical and melodic honesty without falling into the self-indulgent, shoe-gazing trap that plagues many artists in his genre.... the spare acoustic intro on the title track provides the perfect lead-in to Anders' shimmering falsetto vocals. Anders is a can't miss on "Not At One." Tom SemioliMinor 7th

"Eric Anders is an LA singer-songwriter and his adult-folk-rock west-coast style reminds one of Jackson Browne ... clean, smooth, and perfectly executed and interpreted production.... Not At One is his first album, and the quality of his arrangements, the care brought to the lyrics, and Eric's great self-confidence are not things that come along every day." (translated) - Le Cri Du Coyote, Dec 03, #78

"Eric Anders is an obscure, independent singer songwriter whose unaffected ability to turn a phrase and otherworldly knack for arranging transcendent, melancholy melodies would have made him a superstar, you know, if records still sold based on talent."

     -Gail Worley, Worley Gig

"The supple inflection, the understatement, the casual grace - there is a difference between a slow-burning acoustic crooner and an adult-contemporary radio bore.  With his debut album, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Eric Anders manages to milk the sultry soul from his downtrodden ballads … Damien Jurado, Nick Drake, Anders - there's a place for artists like these …" - San Diego Citybeat, 10/22/03, Issue #62

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