Ghosts to Ancestors

Released July 2, 2019

This is the sophomore release for Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz as a duo. They released Of All These Things in 2018 and Mark collaborated with Eric on all of Eric's eight prior solo releases.

All songs written by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz
Produced by Mark O’Bitz
Additional production by Jeff Peters, Randy Ray Mitchell, and William Snyder.
Mostly recorded by Jeff Peters at The Pie Studios, Pasadena.
Jeff Peters was assisted by Beau Floch
Additional recording done at Akadak Studios and at Eric’s home studio.
Mixed by Randy Ray Mitchell
Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound.
Ileana Hernandez and Eric Anders - Cover Art


"Singer-songwriter Eric Anders and longtime collaborator/guitarist Mark O’Bitz return with their first new record since 2018's Of All These Things in the shape of Ghosts To Ancestors. The title of the record is based around the [Hans Loewald] idea of people being haunted by the ghosts of their childhood and having these ghosts merely become their ancestors and thus improving their lives... O’Bitz’s guitar work throughout the record is on form and almost feels like the second voice to the music, bringing in a personality of its own as it accompanies Anders’ vocals."

- Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters

"[Ghost to Ancestors] is really powerful and just absolutely excellent. …effortless and deeply wrought. [The album’s] songs are pulled from the heart with poetic lyrics that spin tales drawn from life and love and memories and hopefulness. Eric’s gorgeous, vulnerable and haunting voice is supported by some sweetly vivid guitar, keys, and absolutely lovely percussion all warmly and magically spiraling. [Ghost to Ancestors is] the kind of album you could leave spinning on the turntable on repeat, setting a truly cinematic, Wim Wenders mood."

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NOHO

"The ten-song album is a beautiful collection of folk/singer-songwriter tunes that soothe the soul and bring comfort to the listener ... The opening track, “Lopsided Gyre,” is a stellar song ... “Wounded Son” and “The Meaning In Life” are two incredible songs ... On “Wonder a Time,” the chill vibes and soft vocals of Anders are perfect ... “More Than Love” is a beautiful, elegant love song." 

- Brian Cronin, That Music Magazine

"[Ghosts To Ancestors] features haunting melodies and lyrics swaying into different genres. The albums opening track sounds like a track you would hear from artists like Bob Dylan... "Wonder a Time" [is] reminiscent of a track from Nick Drake. While Anders’ vocals are mesmerizing, O’Bitz’s guitar work almost adds a second voice to the music. Ghosts To Ancestors is an album that shows two working in perfect unison. The album truly showcases Anders and O’Bitz’s work as a finely crafted piece of art... 9.5 out of 10."

- Francesca Scopelliti, The Weekly Spoon

"[Ghosts to Ancestors] is a truly phenomenal showcase of the twosome’s acoustic talent. Ebbing and flowing between genres and inspirations, the album is tied together by a profoundly authentic identity... Eric provides haunting vocals and Mark is awe-inspiring on acoustic guitar... Rife with smoldering melodies, soaring highs and deep emotive moments, Ghost To Ancestors is a wondrous voyage through."

- Jabari Kefele, Sensible Reason

"The songs are warm, thoughtful, patient ruminations trying to get at the heart of the human experience... Anders and O'Bitz have teamed up to create a beautiful record of pensive pieces." 

- Jon C. Ireson, Music News

"Hold onto your ears, folks. These guys are making some heavy music.... With the right amount of sad, smart, and anthem-ready guitar solos, Anders and O’Bitz bring a lot of great sounds to this record ... The album is one of the best I have heard this summer." 

- Punchland

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