"Tethered to the Ground" from Tethered to the Ground

The title track on Eric's 2006 release, Tethered to the Ground.  Written by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz.  Mark on acoustic guitar.  Produced by Matthew Emerson Brown.

"Blister in the Sun" from Tethered to the Ground

In 2006, Matt, Mark, and Eric presented their cover of the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" to the song's writer, Gordon Gano.  Our very different version won Gano's approval and the VF frontman allowed us to release our cover on Tethered to the Ground with Eric's altered lyrics.  Music Critic Mark Wilson called the cover "astounding": "With some approved lyric tweaking, Eric slowed-down, ethereal take turns the song from an '80s party anthem to a tale of romantic exhaustion and resignation."  According to Rachel Freitas of Music Existence, "it is nothing short of a masterpiece."

"Looking Forward to Your Fall" from Eleven Nine

The singer-songwriter/musician is taking an important stand in the face of the discrimination, and worse, coming out of the White House these days. But it’s not just about the dangerous President and his lackeys; it’s about the ingrained false beliefs and ignorant, narrow minds that continue throughout US history; of racism and bigotry that has no place in a free, inclusive, humane, and progressive society.


Anders addresses these deep and dark issues on his song “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” and his accompanying video. He compiles violent and horrific historical and current footage, including shots of Trump and his discriminatory words and actions, into a despairing and depressing – and real – representation of the hate and fear that has inflamed the nation for centuries, with Trump and extremist Republicans now stoking the flames. When will this fire die out?


The song itself is a poignant piece of down-tempo Americana simmering at a subdued pace with subtle piano notes, cymbals shimmer, plaintive curls of steel guitar, and Anders’ wistfully yearning, potent vocals and damning words.

- Stereo Embers Magazine

"The Fire Has Burned Too Long" from Eleven Nine

Eric and Mark first released a Bush version of this song in 2006 on Tethered to the Ground.  We decided to re-release a Trump version in 2017 on Eleven Nine.  See this Middle Tennessee Music interview with Eric for more on the difference between the two versions.  

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