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"Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz’s album, Of All These Things, is something truly special. Melodically, lyrically and generally stunning …an outstanding piece of work."   - Made Shaw, The Weekly Spoon

"[Of All These Things] offers some of the best sounds in Americana and folk-rock.

A brilliant record and a beautiful collaboration." - Glenn Rodriguez, Songs for the Moment

"Wistful melodies ... rich, roots-laden compositions …" - Jonathan Frahm, For Folks Sake

"Anders and O’Bitz powerfully construct astonishingly passionate and relatable songs ... [with] meaningful lyrics and instrumentation ..."

- Karen Benardello, Shock Ya!

Of All These Things

An Eric Anders & Mark O'Bitz Album

Released June 6, 2018

This is the debut album of the music duo made up of singer-songwriter Eric Anders and guitarist-composer Mark O'Bitz.

Produced and mixed by Jeff Peters at The Pie Studios, Pasadena, California. Assisted by Beau Floch.

Mostly recorded by Jeff Peters at The Pie. Initial recording at Electrokitty in Seattle by Matthew Emerson Brown.

Mastered by Joe Gastwirt.


"Once again I have to give Eric Anders a huge 5 stars for this new release and his duo partner gets a huge 5 stars as well."

- Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Blog

"Of All These Things is possibly the best mellow Americana I’ve heard all summer.  Anders and O’Bitz are certainly a dynamic duo."

- Punchland

"[Anders and O’Bitz’s] chemistry sounds effortless … clearly the work of two seasoned professionals … Of All These Things is an album in which the love and care of the musician's craft is evident everywhere …"

- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

"[Of All These Things] is filled with hits from start to finish… The vocals are strong as hell with a lyricism that tells a story within each piece… Bound to be one of the standout records of 2018.  Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz have outdone themselves once again."

- Modern Mystery Blog

"[Of All These Things is] an indie folk album of exemplary craftsmanship.  Every cut on the release is as crisp as an apple.…  Every last crumb of beauty is delivered with precision.  Stellar musicianship combined with high-quality production.... [Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz] just hit a sweet spot."

- Gabe Kahan, Psychedelic Baby Magazine

"Of All These Things is a treat.  Not only for the ear, but also for the soul.  Anders and O’Bitz shine on this collaboration."

- James Joseph, Artist View Blog

"Whatever magic that Anders and O’Bitz have conjured in the studio, it’s working… [Of All These Things] is a prime example of some seriously advanced songwriting."

- Jake Tully, Moxipop

“Of the many albums that have graced my ears this year, one in particular stands out. Of All These Things by collaborators Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz. Anders, most notably known for his solo work, releases a full-fledged record with longtime partner-in-crime Mark O’Bitz, as they take us on a musical journey you will not soon forget. A friendship and collaboration that started around 2002, the group shows no sign of slowing down. Though there were a few breaks in between, the songs just kept rolling in…and thank goodness for that! The result is a record that is skillfully crafted from beginning to end, that shows the true essence and spirit of the songwriters. Each piece on the record works blissfully on its own but [the whole album also] works together as a cohesive piece of work. Songs such as “New Life” and “Found My Way Home” will have you falling in love with the duo, as their Americana-tinged-Indie is eclectic, just like their songwriting. Be sure to catch the record via Bandcamp or Soundcloud below. You will not be disappointed!

- Emily Hinde, NO DEPRESSION

"Of All These Things is wonderfully beautiful and gentle. Subtle sonic colors, restrained, yet contagious rhythms and Anders’ yummy, lingering voice provide a musical confection of grace and elegance.​"

- Randy Radic, Blogcritics and Seattle Post Intelligencer

"If you were to describe Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz debut album Of All These Things, it would be similar to describing a good cup of coffee – it’s bittersweet, oddly refreshing, and has a calm moodiness to it."


"It is worth going into the universe that O'Bitz and Anders offer ... it's a universe of surprises that are worth discovering when music enters our ears...  Anders remains one of the most interesting voices of independent music."

- Humberto González, Alternativa Radical: Musica & Cultura Alternativa

"…this record is possibly the best mellowed americana I’ve heard… The ten tracks on Of All These Things have a smooth, country-dabbled presence… “Eyes Of Your Loves” for example reminds me of early 2010 Wilco, warm and melancholy at the same time. Anders and O’Bitz are certainly a dynamic duo of acoustic rock, delivering track after track of Landslide wonder with just the right amount of mystery to keep listeners guessing."

- Punchland

"[A] project full of spellbinding harmonies that enthral you..."

- Bree Elis, Grunge Cake

"A beautiful collaboration ...  

                 - Layla Marino, Ellenwood

"Of All These Things showcases … maturity and elegance.  Anders and O’Bitz take the listener on a wistful journey of self-discovery.…"

- Know More Music

"Of All These Things encompasses a heart’s emotions in an album. Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz combined make magic with music ...similar to ...the Cary Brothers, Conor Oberst, and Iron & Wine. Both of their voices complement one another ...and carry more than just a duo dynamic on an album. Their voices connect and make powerful points to those who hear their music." 

- Toria Munoz, Music Court Blog

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