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A Single by Eric Anders & Mark O'Bitz

Released October 1, 2018

This single by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz is an ode to George Saunders' novel, Lincoln In The Bardo.  This was the first demo for what became our album American Bardo, which was listed in Popmatters' top 50 Americana albums of 2020.


- George Saunders

"The music swells deliciously, as velvety sonic textures infuse the tune with billowing misty colors."

- Randall Radic, Tattoo



"Matterbloomlight is a haunting track that conjures spirits."

- John Daly, West Coast Rocker

"Simple, evocative music with a tinge of melancholy. The kind of song that makes you want to skip town and camp in the mountains for days on end."

- Bella Gadsby, The Latest

"It’s hard to ignore when these two get together and make music... pure magic at its finest."

- Glenn Rodriguez, Songs Podcast

"Matterbloomlight is the perfect track to provide comfort in a period of transformation and change.... Beginning with a soft stroke of instrumental wonder, Matterbloomlight is abounding with the unique feel of the natural world creeping into the digital world as Eric and Mark lyrically reach for the light within themselves ... a soft and ethereal single release that suits their harmonious musical alliance."

Life Beyond the Music

"Eric and Mark are careful, thoughtful musicians...  They create an epic sound, a sound that fills your mind, spilling out in warm, cinematic, vibrations."

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NOHO

"[Matterbloomlight] immediately takes you somewhere. [It's] well crafted, slightly dark, and prepared to make you think."

- Johnny Taylor, Jr., Now Hear This

"Matterbloomlight ...takes the listener on a tender journey, with a gently caressing nature and strong vocal work."

- Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters

"[Matterbloomlight] is a lush and deeply enchanting song… Intricate and quite beautiful acoustic guitar brings this into being. The vocals are gentle and effective. They convey emotion, but so does the music. There are intriguing layers of sound over the top that lend a dreamy, prog quality to this. It's very much a folk prog styled thing, really."

- Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

"Besides having an endearing, if enigmatic title, [Matterbloomlight] impressed me for its inner simplicity. The vocals are earnest and emotional… This single has the ability to appear intimate, yet huge-sounding at the same time, and it is never an easy task!"

The Band Camp Diaries

"Matterbloomlight is an amazing track. With lyrics as true and honest, Anders and O’Bitz remind me of the way an acoustic guitar can fill your soul to the brim."

- Erica Garcia, Audible Addixion

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