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Simply epic ... inspiring. The visuals, the lyrics. It’s just got me slipping into a trance of absolute euphoria. 

- Sabrina Scott, The Weekly Spoon



A Single by Eric Anders & Mark O'Bitz

Featuring and Introducing Evelyn Anders

Released March 5, 2021

Evelyn Anders came up with the music and the lyrics for the first half of the first verse when she was eleven. Mark and Eric finished the song for her. The three of us are all grateful to have worked with Basque artist Joseba Elorza (Greenday) on the "Searise" climate change music video (below).  

Written by Eric Anders, Evelyn Anders, Mark O’Bitz
Produced and Mixed by Mike Butler
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe for Listen Up Mastering
Cover Design and Music Video by Joseba Elorza

Eric Anders and Evelyn Anders - Vocals
Eric Anders, Evelyn Anders, Lilah Anders - Backing Vocals
Mike Butler - Drums and Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitars, Lap Steel
David Yuter and Mark O'Bitz - Piano


We are proud to announce that we worked with Basque artist Joseba Elorza (Greenday, National Geographic) on a music video for a song Eric and Mark wrote with Eric's daughter, Evelyn, when "Evy" was only eleven.  Evy also sings on the song, with her younger sister, Lilah. 


“‘Searise’ is the latest daring and bold track from the California-based duo, who co-wrote the lyrics and instrumentation with Anders’ daughter, Evelyn, when she was only eleven. The trio ultimately created a much needed, inspirational climate change tune that serves as a plea from the younger generation to the older generation to clean up their mess.  Eric, Evelyn, and Eric's youngest daughter, Lilah, all provided epic vocals to the inspirational adult alternative single, which are driven by stunning, sentimental piano chords and guitar riffs.  ["Searise" is also] a stunning, visionary music video ... by Basque artist, Joseba Elorza ... [which] features bold and beautiful imagery."

- Karen Benardello, Shock Ya!

This video by Joseba Elorza is just simply epic. It encapsulates everything this song is about. It is just simply inspiring. The visuals, the lyrics. It’s just got me slipping into a trance of absolute euphoria. Evelyn Anders has a bright future ahead of her completely after this feature. And we can only hope that we see something else from this up comer in the near future. So, stop what you are doing and watch this video now!

- Sabrina Scott, The Weekly Spoon

“Searise” is a cinematic anthem ... [which] transports you into a rich celestial dimension ...[it] captures climate change through metaphorical images that are stunning and heartbreaking at the same time. Eric and Mark remind us how much our own individual actions can start empowering us and our surroundings."

- AuPium

Californian singer/songwriter duo of Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz create a track of beautiful social importance with a powerful human and environmental theme throughout.... Take a look at the duo’s magical music video ...

- Lauren Rosier, That Music Mag

"You won’t make it thirty seconds in before you’re enthralled by the visuals. is hypnotic and the vocals are spellbinding. [Searise] is a soothing track with phenomenal production and an out of this world music video."

- Joseph Finnegan, Nerdo Network

"Best Music Video," 6th Edition, March, 2021, Chicago Film Awards.

"Best Music Video," March-April, 2021, Venice Shorts Film Awards.

"Best Animation Music Video," April Season, 2021, International Music Video Awards.

Official Selection, "Best Music Video," March, 2021, Moscow Shorts, International Short Film Festival.

"Outstanding Achievement Award," March, 2021, World Film Carnival - Singapore.

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