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"'How Low and Why' is an Americana gem ... It's refreshing to find artists who aren't afraid to put across such a clear message of who they are and what they stand for.  Eleven Nine is a meaningful work."  - Indie Shuffle
"Eleven Nine is a beautiful and soulful album ... [it] is done with class and integrity. I feel it appropriately represents everything that a lot of Americans are feeling. Eric’s gentle voice and powerful words will be echoing through me for the foreseeable future. If you fall in love with it as well, please consider purchasing it and sharing it with your friends. It is for an amazing cause and every little bit counts." 
    - Lizzy Evensen, Artist View Blog

Eleven Nine

Released April 20, 2017

Singer-songwriter Eric Anders and producer Matthew Emerson Brown have partnered with Lambda Legal to release an anti-Trump album, Eleven Nine. All album proceeds will go to Lambda Legal:


“Our nation is facing an extremist takeover by people who don’t believe in the fundamental rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV. Lambda Legal knows how to hold the line when civil rights are under attack. Founded in 1973, Lambda Legal knows how to fight the government in the courts when the other branches are hostile, having successfully done so in the past.” -- Lambda Legal

Produced by Matthew Emerson Brown.
Mixed by Matthew Emerson Brown at Emerson77 Productions.
Engineered by Garrett Reynolds and Matthew Emerson Brown at Electrokitty, Seattle, WA
Additional Engineering by Jay Pellicci at New Improved Recording, 
Mastering by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering, Seattle.
Album art by Philip Yarnall at Smay Design.


"It’s not only well-written and well-produced [by Matt Brown], but a robust listen for anyone trying to find compassion or healing within the country’s political climate over the last six months.  Eleven Nine is powerful on all fronts. Heavy lyrics, ... beautiful melodies, and an overall production that paints a detailed picture with every track....  [Anders'] ability to write profound lyrics and deliver them in such a mesmerizing way is certainly something to be admired.... Anders’ music may be too polarizing for popular radio. But there’s no question it belongs in documentaries, political protests, and hell, the national archive.  It’s not easy to write songs that can connect with people. It’s even tougher to do so while making a political statement. Anders does it."
- Josh Helmuth, Crave
"Songwriters and talented creatives such as Eric Anders use their music as a way to make powerful statements over soothing, comforting and infectious sound beds while evoking our minds to wander about the weight of the world as it continues putting pressure on our tired shoulders....  Eleven Nine is packed full of sonically tasty jams with just the right amount of Folk and Americana. After listening through multiple times ... I can guarantee you will experience uplifting, memorable and quite enjoyable tunes that not only support a great mission but make a potent statement in the process."
- Middle Tennessee Music
"My work may not reflect my personal views, but in some cases, I get the opportunity to stumble upon art that says the words for me. Eric Anders‘ new album Eleven Nine is one that I can completely stand behind. Growing up, I sang along with artists like Arrested Development, Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, No Doubt, and many more who found a way to speak their minds through their music. For generations, musicians have voiced their opinions through their lyrics and melodies and us, the fans, loved every second of it. Eric Anders is no exception to this phenomenon.  Eleven Nine is a beautiful and soulful album ...  This album is done with class and integrity. I feel it appropriately represents everything that a lot of Americans are feeling. Eric’s gentle voice and powerful words will be echoing through me for the foreseeable future. If you fall in love with it as well, please consider purchasing it ... It is for an amazing cause and every little bit counts."
Yvonne Glasgow, Beat
"Eric Anders has produced a strong album of excellent Americana music. Eleven Nine deserves your attention, whether you agree or disagree with the political statement made on the album. Eric Anders is a talented singer/songwriter.... The production values are excellent, the musicians are superb, the arrangements follow the best musical standards ... it’s good stuff!" 
- Randy Radic, Huffington Post
"Stemming from the Bay with a lot of important things to say ... Pulling at my heartstrings, “Do You Feel” is a vulnerable spill highlighting the empathy Eric has for people being affected by decisions being presently made by our POTUS.... The takeaway from this album, for me, is that ... citizen unrest and acts of peaceful defiance as such are an integral part of political action toward a peaceful society. From me to you, thank you, Eric Anders." 
- Tattoo
"[T]his concise message about the United States’ current political climate will certainly touch listeners.... Jeff Fielder and Tyler Nuffer ... [create] some standout leads. Songs like "Looking Forward to Your Fall" and "Big World Abide" have guitar parts that will move listeners as much as the singer’s voice....  "Inside the Sacrifice Zone" [is] the standout track of the record." 
- Jon Niles, Gig Soup
"Wonderfully composed music, with soft and thoughtfully placed harmonies. The fire burned too long wins over with its piano, hitting chords off-beat and bringing a special dynamic into the song. Anders’ voice is complementing his words and melodies, touching your heart and will reach yours soul – just open up to a diverse album, with surprises in every song."
Malika Dahl, Bandcamp
""How Low and Why" [is a] powerful track ... that perfectly sets the listener up for the thematic content of the rest of the project....  "Inside the Sacrifice Zone" [is a] standout track ...  [about] American tragedy [and is] beautifully harrowing.... Eleven Nine is a potent commentary on American society ... comprised of an extraordinary catalog of songs."
- Audible Addixion
""How Low and Why" is an Americana gem ... It's refreshing to find artists who aren't afraid to put across such a clear message of who they are and what they stand for. Eleven Nine is a meaningful work." 
- Indie Shuffle
"The passion with which Anders wrote ... and sang this material obviously influenced the fact that the music comes across fully accomplished. Anders is able to, at the same time, to produce a perfect vehicle for his message and ... make you put the message aside and listen to the music..."
- Sputnik Music
"... powerful, hard-hitting ... the heartfelt plea for change that we have all been waiting for ....  a beautifully crafted, 10 song masterpiece ... "Inside the Sacrifice Zone’ is a must listen, perfectly illustrating Anders’ musical ability and the overall feel of the album. ‘How low and why’ ... is also phenomenal."
- Tune Collective
"[Eleven Nine] is an eloquent, considered response to the horrific election of a racist, elitist moron to the presidency. With a classic singer/songwriter sonic vibe, compelling lyrics and tasty instrumental performances, this is an album that speaks to the despair the election caused, while delivering a strong musical experience. This is a definite must have. "
Floorshime Zipper Boots
"What makes Eric Anders unique is his ability to seemingly bypass the impotent rage felt by so many into something more tangible in its goal to expose, enlighten, and perhaps actually change in a way that will bring us closer together." 
- Modern Fix
"It’s a great album full of folk sounding rock, reminiscent of the greats, like Paul Simon and Neil Young....  From “The Fire Has Burned Too Long” all the way to “I Hear Them All (This Land Is Your Land),” you’ll find well-written songs with something to say and a story to tell."
- Sidestage Magazine
"Protest music doesn't get much more powerful than Eric Anders' "How Low and Why." Channeling Neil Young, the singer-songwriter's Eleven Nine is a collection of songs that protests the bigotry that Trump has come to represent. All proceeds from the album will go to Lambda Legal, so kill two birds with one stone by buying excellent music and supporting the folks defending my legal rights." 
Adobe and Teardrops
"Eric Anders…provides a soothing counterpoint to the protest songs on his latest album “Eleven Nine.” The album begins with a somber ballad, “The Fire Has Burned Too Long,” that offers little hope. “A Man for No Season”...strikes a cleverer tone posed...  Another highlight is a cover of Old Crow Medicine Show’s “I Hear Them All,” which melds in a couple verses from “This Land is Your Land” and a joyously defiant New Orleans-style piano solo." 
Chris Kompanek, Huffington Post
"It really is a great album... [With "How Low and Why"] we get a killer slab of Americana on this smoking hot tune...  it just oozes cool. It reminds me a bit of Neil Young in some ways. It gets a bit distorted and seriously rocking as it continues.... [With regard to "Do You Feel",] I love the fuzz drenched, retro textures [and the] old-school retro groove on this tune is quite classy." 
Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

Eric Anders is back at it again with his new release, Eleven Nine, which is currently aimed at Donald Trump. A folk-laden record, Anders delivers the goods once again with a slightly political and powerful message behind him.  Throughout the record, we hear an artist passionate about his craft and the upheaval of his country. Filled with gorgeously insightful pieces, standouts on the record include “This Fire Has Burned for Too Long” and “Do You Feel?” With dashes of prog and classic rock laced throughout, the record proves to be powerful from start to finish.... Often compared to artists such as Paul Simon and Nick Drake, Anders sound and tonality are remarkable. On the album, he brings a political discussion to the table that will hit close to home with nearly every listener in its path. His voice and lyricism are filled with passion as he tells the story of every American in 2018. With nothing left unturned, his musical thoughts come to life within the record, creating an insightful release that will stand the test of time. Do you yourself a great favor and pick up a copy of Eleven Nine because Eric Anders has released one of the most prominent records of the past several years. - Emily Hinde, No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music

"New anti-Trump album is full of great folk tunes. Eric Anders Questions, Is This Your Land? [His] new anti-Trump album is full of great folk tunes ... I seriously don’t have a favorite song on this album ... I like them all."
Yvonne Glasgow, Beat
"The clear vitriol that Anders feels towards Trump is eloquently affixed to some fantastically heartbreaking tunes ... The harmonies are great [and] it’s as though they represent the echoes of a crumbling nation."
Swept Magazine
"Sharing singles such as "This Fire Has Burned for Too Long," we get a sense of Anders as not only a musician but an enticing lyricist. Each song on this release is perfection from start to finish. With additional songs that make a great statement such as "Looking Forward to Your Fall," Anders tells a tale that many Americans can relate to. His way of combining his feelings will resonate with many listeners who will fully understand where he is coming from. Whether you are a fan of folk music or not, it would be an injustice to yourself if you didn't check out Eric Anders' newest release. Be sure to dive in, below."
- Paste Magazine
"[Eleven Nine] is a production with excellent features and great technical gestures.... [it] constitutes a strong political protest ... [and] demonstrates artistic maturity."
Revista Ojo
"Eric Anders’ Eleven Nine is a meditation on our times. ...[His] songs evoke memories of the rock-leaning end of classic protest music. Anders doesn’t offer any easy answers – in large part because none exists – but he raises the issues, and does so in an appealing musical context. And that’s enough to make hearing his music a worthwhile experience."
- Bill Kopp,
"“The Fire Has Burned Too Long” warrants further consideration and food for thought pertaining to the severity of traumatizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual poverty seemingly within our immediate surroundings. Unafraid to endure and encounter harrowing pain and potentially enormous consequences, Eric Anders lyrically confronts the arch nemesis that has both curdled our blood and enlivened our desire to create a kinder and brighter world at the deepest core of our being." 
Jessica Golich, Tattoo
"Eleven Nine is a strong album ...  
Whether you agree or disagree with the political implications, Eleven Nine is worthwhile simply for the music."
- Seattle pi
"[Eric Anders’] new track “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” [is] a scathing critique of the present political climate over a lush, jazzy rhythmic backing…[the] vocals of Anika Reichert add an extra emotional edge to this moving effort." 
Obscure Sound
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