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Rolling Stone and Village Voice rock critic Gail Worley ranked More Regrets,

the second full-length release by singer-songwriter Eric Anders, as the #4 Cd of 2005!

"In just his second full length album, Eric Anders is already being touted as one of the best singer/songwriters of today. Upon hearing More Regrets, you realize that this praise is definitely warranted."     -Greg Howell, AntiMusic

More Regrets

An Album by Eric Anders

Released February 7, 2005


"In just his second full-length album, Eric Anders is already being touted as one of the best singer-songwriters of today. Upon hearing More Regrets, you realize that this praise is definitely warranted" (Greg Howell, AntiMusic). 


Grammy-winning guitarist Randy Ray Mitchell (Warren Zevon) poured his heart and soul into the production of this album.  Randy plays all of the guitars, and quite a bit more.  Eric wrote most of the songs with Mark O'Bitz, including "Remembering On My Own."  Eric wrote three of the songs with Randy,  including "Icarus" and "Settlin' Comes."  These three songs were featured on Eric's 2016 "best of" album, Big World Abide.

Produced by Randy Ray Mitchell.
Mixed by Jeff Peters.

Recorded in the valley at Akadak Studio, Mad Dog Studios, and LAFX.
Mixed at LAFX with Seth McLain as assistant engineer.
Mastered by Kris Solem at Futuredisc in Hollywood.


There is a seriousness of tone and musical depth across the latest full-length disc from ... Eric Anders that will please fans of artists such as Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. More Regrets builds on the promise of his 2003 debut Not at One and 2004 EP Songs for Wayward Days, which should not come as a surprise to those who have heard those excellent discs. On More Regrets, songs such as 'Together Alone' and 'Icarus' explore isolation, loss, and love with an uncanny truth that casts a powerful spell that transports listeners into the songs themselves.

-Robert Kinsler, Orange County Register,

Orange Pop Review, February 18, 2005   


Although this low-key and subtle Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter has garnered comparisons to Pete Yorn, Nick Drake, David Gray, and R.E.M., I listen to More Regrets simply because I like its haunting, poetic honesty. Leadoff track 'Song 79'--a song about writing a song--has me reaching for repeat every time I hear it, and the title track should give you chills. The bleak, sepia-toned artwork featuring the outline of a home or a barn at dusk with a lone light on inside sets the musical scene perfectly. - Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility

Music critic Gail Worley ranked More Regrets at #4 album of 2005 and wrote,: "Eric Anders is an obscure, independent singer-songwriter whose unaffected ability to turn a phrase and otherworldly knack for arranging transcendent, melancholy melodies would have made him a superstar, you know, if records still sold based on talent."

        - Gail Worley, Worley Gig

The Los Angeles-based singer's second album is a masterpiece of dark, ambient textures, layered soundscapes and subtly hypnotic grooves, with his smooth tenor voice generally upfront in the mix... on More Regrets, he picks up where he left off [with Not At One], exploring personal themes of relationships. However, this time Anders expands on his debut by expanding his lyrics to explore themes of home and underscores them with more experimental music. The results are at once devastating and hopeful. With More Regrets, Anders achieves what songwriter Ryan Adams has yet to do -- an entire album that sounds good and has lyrics to match. Highlights include the insistently grooving title track, the hypnotic 'Together Alone,' the plaintive and desperately hopeful 'Settlin' Comes' and the cynical, gently rocking 'Song 79.'  - Mark Wilson, The Evansville Courier, February 3, 2005

"I was greatly impressed by Eric's 2003 CD Not At One and had a feeling I would not be disappointed with his next one. Well, I was right! The edgy songs, mostly written by Anders with Mark O'Bitz and guitarist Randy Mitchell have a strangely melancholic yet exuberating quality and a unique gravitas. Eric sounds every bit as anguished as Nick Drake on 'Icarus' and his sweet voice is an ideal partner for the beautiful ballad 'Settlin' Comes.' Mitchell produces the album and seldom ventures into a guitar break except on the glorious end to 'Practised Isolation,' a song about bittersweet relationships, a recurring theme on the album. This economy of guitar style empathizes perfectly with the mood created.... 'More Regrets' is an album to listen to repeatedly- introspective and intelligent atmospheric music which will, in part, intrigue and hypnotise you. - Phil Jackson, Zeitgeist

"This kind of studied, literate songwriting is a gift given to the listener—one that surprises, challenges, questions and gratifies you every time you hear it, Anders is as engaging a singer and musician as he is a writer. This is a highly recommended release and one of the most finished, self-possessed and driven DIY releases we've heard in a long, long time."         -Performing Songwriter

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