American Bardo

Will be released July 31, 2020.


While working on Ghosts To Ancestors, Jeff Peters recommended a book to me: George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo.  


He probably recommended this novel because the main characters are ghosts, and Jeff knew I was interested in Buddhism, ghosts, and hauntings, especially the philosophical take on hauntings called "hauntology" and the Japanese version of the ghost story called the "yurei" story.  


Lincoln in the Bardo is an American Buddhist's yurei story that explores many hauntological themes.


I was so moved by this book, I wrote the song "Matterbloomlight" with Mark O'Bitz back in October of 2018.  I then decided to do a whole album of songs inspired by the novel and its characters.  In the spring of 2019, before we had finished Ghosts To Ancestors, Mark and I got together for a few days of writing songs and we experienced a creative explosion that surprised us both.  


I wanted this album to be darker and bluesier than my prior releases so I searched for a new producer who might be able to provide me with this change in direction.  I feel fortunate that I found Mike Butler of San Diego, my former home and where my family goes back three generations.


Mike and I will be working together on my next project, currently called "This Mortal Farce."  We had too many songs for American Bardo so we decided to push any song that did not directly reference Lincoln in the Bardo to the next album.  So, once again, I've already started the next project before I have finished the current one.

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- George Saunders

"A beautiful expression of the cyclical nature of life and death, the synth-washed folk of ‘Matterbloomlight (Revisited)’ offers listeners a profound sample of their forthcoming album, American Bardo, due out 31 July."

For Folk's Sake

Eric Anders & Mark O’Bitz partner up for the new single titled ‘Old Theory of Love’. Haunting from the outset, ‘Old Theory Of Love’ gives that in-the-shadows feel while staying outside-of-the-box in execution. This is a dark and beautiful song. The kind that grows on you with that initial listen. The kind that wraps around you with its introspection and stays a part of you. This is music incarnate. That sensual slow build to the punchline and the punchline isn’t funny, it’s reflective...Do not listen to this track; absorb it. 

- Ryan Martin, Jammerize

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