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"Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders is the modern folk-based anthology we have been waiting to hear, and will never forget."

                                                - Joseph Timmons, IndiePulse Music

"Sometimes you hear a sound so honest and vulnerable that you can’t help but become emotionally moved by the sheer beauty of it. With his newest album release, Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders, Eric Anders offers us a compilation of some of his most intriguing and inspirational work."    

-Ryan Donnelly, Vents Magazine

"...heaven-sent vocals [in] glorious tracks such as "These People" [and] "Never Enough" ..."    

-Louise Parker, Paste Magazine

Big World Abide:

The Best of Eric Anders, 2003-2016

Released March 30, 2016

It was 2016 and I hadn't worked on music since I released Remains In Me in 2011.  I decided to release a collection of what I considered my best songs from my first five releases.    


Trump got elected eight months later and we started work on Eleven Nine.  The work we did on this anti-Trump album brought Mark and me back together and we started releasing music as a duo in 2018. 


Eight of the twelve songs on Big World Abide are Anders/O'Bitz songs.  See my blog post, "From Songwriting Partners to a Duo" for more on this story.  

The original track list can be found here.  This is a playlist of all the songs I wish I could have included on that release.

Remastered by Jeff Peters.
Cover design by Jason Tsichlis.


"Eric Anders is a prolific singer-songwriter who has steadily been creating a name for himself in the music world for a number of years. This time around we see Anders bringing to the table an impressive compilation named Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders. The extensive record showcases his prior 4-releases in a graceful and fitting manner.  


Leading up to an upcoming release that Anders is currently working on as we speak, the compilation serves as a nice mix and reminder of why we adore Eric Anders in the first place. His knack for writing captivating pieces shines throughout, as he brings an admirable and down-to-earth sound to the record... Anders’ voice is breathtaking on the album, as each piece really displays his vocal stylings, as well as his talent for instrumentation and writing songs that will pull at your very heartstrings.


Anders is an impressive artist who delivers time and time again... Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders, reminds us all of why we have fallen head-over-heels for Anders’ music in the first place; it’s honest, captivating, and magnificent. What more could we possibly ask for?"   

-Emily Hinde, No Depression

"The flow of each song works nicely, held together by fine original production and of course, the unmistakable sound of Eric Anders' voice. If you're new to his music, Big World Abide is a good place to discover Eric Anders.  If you're already a fan, it's a pleasurable compilation."

-Kath Galasso, On Stage Magazine

"Folk artist Eric Anders has released an outstanding collection of some of the most beautiful and meaningful songs for 2016....  Best of the best ... is what we would give this new collection...."

-Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide

"The absolute highlight ... is Anders' "cover" of The Violent Femmes' “Blister in the Sun" ...  He makes it his own haunting version, and it is nothing short of a masterpiece."    

-Rachel Freitas, Music Existence

"With a sound that is reminiscent of both Neil Young and Bob Dylan, yet the new and youthful driving energy embossed sound of rock ... Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders is the modern folk based anthology we have been waiting to hear, and will never forget."

-Joseph Timmons, IndiePulse

"Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders is a sturdy representation of Anders’ songwriting craft and lyrical potency, akin to the likes of Jack Johnson and David Gray at their most prolific."  

-Samuel Mensah, Daily News Service

"Eric Anders’ compilation Big World Abide draws from four of his works and the result is a time travel through the artist’s state of mind and collaborations throughout the years. The tracks he and his producers have chosen ... demonstrate Anders’s remarkable journey as a musician."

-Steph Cunningham, Scallywag Magazine

"[This version of "Blister in the Sun" by Eric and Mark is] one of the best covers of any retro song to be heard."  

-Today's Retro

"Anders’ ethereal voice is one that can be compared to the sounds of Jeff Buckley, yet he carries a type of poignancy similar to Cat Stevens. His powerful, and sometimes politically driven lyrics will make your heart heavy at times."      

-Abe Noorsay, East Coast Rocker

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