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"I may have stumbled upon two hidden gems of Americana music. Mark O’Bitz and Eric Anders are two diamonds waiting to be discovered, and it's about time they get to shine their rays for the world to admire. Geniuses at work, the two have been making music for over two decades now and don’t plan on stopping for anything before becoming a global sensation."

- Saiid Zeidan, 

"Eric Anders is an obscure, independent singer-songwriter whose unaffected ability to turn a phrase and otherworldly knack for arranging transcendent, melancholy melodies would have made him a superstar, you know, if records still sold based on talent."

     - Gail Worley, Worley Gig

"[Not At One is]one of the best CDs I've ever heard"

- Derek Sivers, CD Baby founder

"Beautiful"  - George Saunders



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