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Howard Stern chose the anti-Bush song, "A Man for No Season," as one of

the best political songs of the 2004 Bush-Kerry election season.


Songs for Wayward Days

An EP by Eric Anders

Released August 17, 2004


Jeff Peters and Eric hastily put this three-song anti-Bush EP together and put it out during the 2004 election.  Though the election results were disappointing, they were fortunate to have worked on this EP with bassist Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello and Cracker), hall-of-fame drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello), and Grammy-winning guitarist Randy Ray Mitchell (Warren Zevon).  

Produced and mixed by Jeff Peters.
Engineering assistance, editing, and programming by Seth McLain.
Recorded in Los Angeles at Soundcastle Studios, Sonora Recorders, Hot Pie Studio, and LAFX.
Mastered by Kris Solemn at Future Disc in Hollywood.

Guitars by Randy Ray Mitchell.
Keyboards by Arlan Schierbaum.
Bass by Davey Faragher.
Drums and percussions by Pete Thomas.
Additional vocals on "Warrior Kin" by LuAnn Olson.

"Anders starts off by going back into history, picking out those events that can act as a metaphor for us, a reason for us to, and a warning to us that we should, become aware of what has happened in the past: Thomas More and Henry VIII on “A Man For No Season”, slavery and Vietnam on “How Low and Why” all culminate in a general picture of a century of wars on “Warrior Kin."  Anders' writing, effectively underlined by his arrangements, questions and challenges the sense and fragility of justice, first on a human and then on a political level, addressing both liberals and conservatives alike, given they are both members of the human race." - Mescalina

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