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True September Songs

A Single by Eric Anders & Mark O'Bitz

Recorded in 2018

For stylistic reasons, our song "True September Songs" didn't make it onto our 2018 album, Of All These Things.  During the pandemic, I was organizing old music files and ran across this recording and was surprised by how far we got in the process before shelving it. Please see my blog post, "True September Songs," post to get more of the story behind this song and what it is about.

Produced and Mixed by Jeff Peters
Eric Anders - Vocals
Mark O'Bitz - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tyler Nuffer - Electric Guitar
Dylan Cooper - Upright Bass
Herman Matthews - Drums
Garrett Reynolds - Violin
Randy Ray Mitchell - Additional production
Matthew Emerson Brown - Engineer, arrangement, initial band recordings.

Copy of Autumn Leaves Clean Music CD Cover Design - Made with PosterMyWall (1)_edited.jpg

"Eric and Mark are careful, thoughtful musicians...  They create an epic sound, a sound that fills your mind, spilling out in warm, cinematic, vibrations."

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NOHO

"Simple, evocative music with a tinge of melancholy. The kind of song that makes you want to skip town and camp in the mountains for days on end."

- Bella Gadsby, The Latest

"It’s hard to ignore when these two get together and make music... pure magic at its finest."

- Glenn Rodriguez, Songs Podcast

"With lyrics as true and honest, Anders and O’Bitz remind me of the way an acoustic guitar can fill your soul to the brim."

- Erica Garcia, Audible Addixion

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