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Narrowing Down a Set List for a Future "Live in the Studio" Album Project

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This half of our duo is very much a studio artist. Mark has a great deal of experience playing live, whereas I have hardly any. There has been one "Eric Anders" tour, but it was a flop. I've probably played out enough times outside of that tour where you could count it on both hands. I am now retired from clinical work, so I have been focusing on music a lot more lately, especially during this pandemic. If there weren't a pandemic, I would be tempted to fund a tour, though it would probably be a waste of money since, let's be honest, we are somewhat challenged when it comes to name recognition.

I would also like to do a live album one day. My thought was to do a "live in the studio" album so as to not take on too much in one fell swoop. If we did do such a project, I'd have to narrow down the setlist considerably. We have close to 100 songs to choose from, and I think we'd need to get it down to ten or so for a "live in the studio" album.

Here is my Spotify playlist with several Anders/O'Bitz songs. Let us know in the comments which ten you think should be on our "live in the studio" setlist. I am going to be updating this Spotify Playlist as we release more music.

Eric Anders, 1/20/21

Setlist updated 1/1/22

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