Matterbloomlight (REVISTED)

Released May 1, 2020

The demo for "Matterbloomlight" was released in the fall of 2018.  The song was inspired by George Saunders' Mann-Booker-Prize-winning novel, Lincoln in the Bardo.  You could say the song is a reading of one of the many themes of the novel.  This is true for all the songs on American Bardo.  Eric sent the demo to George Saunders himself, and Saunders found it to be "beautiful" and thanked Eric and Mark for making it.  "Matterbloomlight (Revisited)" keeps Eric's original vocals but is utterly "revisited" by guitarist Mike Butler, the producer of American Bardo.​


- George Saunders

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"A beautiful expression of the cyclical nature of life and death, the synth-washed folk of ‘Matterbloomlight (Revisited)’ offers listeners a profound sample of their forthcoming album, American Bardo, due out 31 July."

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