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“Family Song” draws on the tradition of the deepest roots of the American songbook ... a beautiful symbiosis of folk, country, blues, and gospel (the backing vocals [by Jenn Grinels] are incredible!) ... one of the most powerful songs released in recent times ... The Loss We've Won [is] one of the great albums released in recent times, with excellent production by Mike Butler.  Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz are still SUPREME!

Alessandro Iglesias, Roadie Music


"Somehow, the overall mood of the project appeals to an inner, likely repressed, longing or necessity. They've crafted a feeling more than a sound...  This perfect immersive experience is not coincidental or even mere serendipity. A well-balanced mixed and carefully considered arrangement bears the weight of all this goodness....  The project is summed perfectly in its title. This is not "The Loss." It's either "the loss we've earned" or "in the losing, we have won."  With either understanding, it is what it is and we experience it all together."

Germar Derron, Look to the Cookie

"A brilliant ... Americana release with a lot of heart....  We cannot recommend The Loss We’ve Won highly enough. It is an intelligently composed and arranged release that will stand the test of time. We cannot wait to hear what Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz will do next!"

 FV Music Blog

"The Loss We've Won" reveals these expert songwriters at their most lyrically urgent, melodic, and warm as they meditate on universal themes.

 Kath Galasso, OnStage Magazine


Bryter Now

A Tribute to Nick Drake

Another Anders/O'Bitz/Butler Project

Released December 7, 2023

Produced and Mixed by Mike Butler
Written by Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz

This playlist starts with our single, "Bryter Now," which is our tribute song to Nick Drake.  The playlist also features our song "Twilight's Last Gleaming," which was done in the style of Nick Drake.  I have also included some songs that were clearly inspired by Nick Drake's style.


Obscure Sound: "Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – The Loss We’ve Won"

By Mike Mineo

The newest collaborative album from Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz, The Loss We’ve Won is a moving release that intermingles folk, Americana, and rock with Anders’ relatable lyrical content. Some tracks are autobiographical, and — per Anders’ blog post — the album, in general, delivers “Americana songs about family, marriage, parenting, getting old … and human extinction.”

Solemn, flickering acoustics, and a string-laden undercurrent craft a striking soundscape throughout the opening “One Life,” where yearning to “hold tight,” amidst the heart-tugging instrumentation resonates. Strings are especially evident on the riveting “Above Below,” succeeding in its folk/country arena. “Not at One (Revisited)” stands out in the folk-rock vein, reminiscent fondly of Father John Misty.

The emotive songwriting continues throughout, touching on various phases of one’s lifetime. Led by vibrant guitars and multiple vocal layers, “Family Song” plays as a welcoming ode to new life, similar thematically to Sturgill Simpson’s “Welcome to Earth (Pollywog).” Similarly, the playful melodic pull of “Young Eyes” resonates alongside youthful retrospection.

The duo again partnered with multi-instrumentalist and producer Mike Butler for the album, following up on previously featured efforts like “Morton’s Pillory Plea” and “Bury Me.”


Sinusoidal Music: "Eric Anders and Mark O’ Britz – The Loss We’ve Won | Fine Rock"

... together they bring their own authentic styles to create music that’s not only appealing but also one of a kind.  They produce songs ... that are quite traditional ... but also have a contemporary element always present in them. Their songs have profound lyrics and stunning instrumentality... a profound album of 9 songs.... a deep, poignant album ... a richly artistic delight ... The best thing about the album is its versatility and also its consistency in its theme at the same time.... Each song feels intense ... and has a tint of melancholy.... The songs are rich and are fused with both the artists’ ingenuities as performers and musicians.... "Family Song" is a song with a profound melody and has to be one of my favorite songs.  "Our Load" is another one of my favorites ... it’s rather a deep and somber track with an amazing flow and outstanding soundscapes to complement it.  The whole album features some stunning tracks ... if you like some good, crisp, rock music, this is the album to go for! "ERIC ANDERS E MARK O'BITZ SE UNEM PARA FAZER UM ÁLBUM SENSACIONAL"

Por: Tati Teixeira 


O cantor e compositor Eric Anders se uniu a Mark O'Bitz para lançar seu novo e lindo álbum


The Loss We’ve Won é o novo trabalho de Eric Anders, com 9 músicas inéditas o disco é autêntico e traz um folk leve e profundo.


A primeira canção já mostra a que o álbum veio, com uma sonoridade folk, embalada com o violão e sons leves , somado a voz única, marcante e potente de Ericum folk raiz, carregado de emoção, com uma timbres que conseguem passar exatamente o que deseja, música feita com a alma.


A segunda canção, "Not at One," é uma balada romântica,  sentimental, com sonoridades clássicas e mostrando mais uma vez o poder da voz de Eric, é uma faixa que carrega um som um pouco mais rock junto ao folk, é apaixonante,  é gostosa de ouvir e a mistura de elementos é criativa,  é muito forte essa faixa, letra envolvente e linda.


A terceira faixa é "Family Song," o violão entra junto da voz, dando ritmo e uma vibe única que proporciona leveza e reflexão ao nosso dias, esse álbum tem essa característica de dar leveza e imersão aos nossos pensamentos, é uma sensação gostosa e somos gratos ao compositor por nos dar esse momento de paz.


A quarta música "Set Our Fate" tem uma pegada rock, nos lembra os hits oitentistas que embalaram as noites românticas, é um folkrock original, e nos conquista,  cada música desse álbum surpreende com a voz perfeita do cantor.


Sem mais Spoillers o disco segue com muita emoção e faixas fáceis de amar, é muito bom encontrar álbuns profundo que mexem com nossos sentimentos ainda nos dias de hoje, nada de superficialidade,  música feita com o verdadeiro propósito de se fazer música,  atingir e mudar a vida das pessoas,  nos emociona ver um trabalho tão lindo, nós amamos e vocês devem ouvir:

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